General Questions

Do you sell the EE System units?

UNIFYD Healing does not directly sell the EE System units. In addition, we can’t offer product or technical assistance or support and all inquiries should be directed to Dr. Sandra Michael and her team. Please visit

Please note that UNIFYD Healing does NOT make any commissions from the sales of these units, and are not financially incentivized in any way to promote them.

Where can I learn more about the EE System units?

You can learn more about this incredible technology at

All product-related inquiries should be directed to

UNIFYD Healing does NOT sell the systems and will not be able to provide any product-related support.

Does UNIFYD Healing or Jason Shurka receive a commission from EE System?

UNIFYD Healing or Jason Shurka do NOT make any commissions from the sales of these units, and are not financially incentivized in any way to promote them.

In fact, instead of accepting a commission on new sales we decided to redirect what we would make and provide it to new centers in the form of a discount off the purchase price of a unit from EE System. Our main goal is to ensure this technology is accessible to as many people as possible.

How many clients can be in the healing room during a session?

There is no minimum, however, the larger the room the better as you can accommodate as many people as possible. Buy doing so, you’ll not only generate more income but you will also be healing the world on a larger scale!

What size of space is required for the EE System?

This depends on the size of unit and the layout required to maximize its effectiveness and is a question that should be directed to the individuals that build and understand the system. Contact EE System on their website for product and technical support.

Opening a Center

What do I need to open my own center?

You will need to currently own or be in the process of purchasing your unit from EE System. We prefer a center includes a 12-unit or greater EE System, however, if you have a smaller unit we would love to include you in the network to provide your system to others.

You are responsible for securing a space to provide relaxing healing services to clients either in a commercial space or right in your home.

UNIFYD Healing and its employees are not licensed to provide assistance or advice when it comes to opening a business or securing financial assistance. We recommend contacting local resources in your area to obtain a business license.

Why is there a fee to join the UNIFYD Healing Network?

In order to cover the costs of operating the website as well as our team that oversee this operation, we charge a network and marketing fee to be included in the UNIFYD Healing network. We have ensured that this is below the standard for equivalent services with other marketing and advertising agencies while still making sure we can cover costs to properly operate this branch of UNIFYD effectively.

From discussions with other centers, they have expressed its affordability and value with the sheer amount of individuals they have been inundated with for treatments and have found it to be more worthwhile compared to other advertising options that were not as targeted to a wellness community like UNIFYD and were much more expensive.

In addition, we allocate a portion of this fee to help us in our goal to provide investments in other centers in the future to bring this technology to locations around the world who are not able to access this technology as easily.

Do I need to brand my center under the UNIFYD Healing name?

No, your center can be called anything you’d like! By coming under the UNIFYD Healing umbrella, you’re affiliated, featured and promoted on all UNIFYD platforms. Once your application is approved, you will be added to our “Locations” page and our interactive map so that others can find your center under the trusted branding of UNIFYD.

How do I get 10% off the purchase price of my EE System unit?

By joining the UNIFYD Healing network, you will receive 10% off the purchase of your unit through EE System. We communicate this between ourselves and EE System behind-the-scenes.

When purchasing your unit through EE System, mention that you plan to join UNIFYD Healing. You can apply to join the UNIFYD Healing Network on our “Apply” page either before or after you checkout with EE System. Individuals normally put down a 50% deposit on the unit and once you are approved on our end, EE System will receive an update that you have joined and the 10% discount will be applied to the remainder owing on the unit.

Why are certain regions being restricted from applying for the UNIFYD Healing Network?

From time-to-time, we may see the need to cap certain applications from proceeding in regions where other centers will be coming soon. We understand this could be disappointing and confusing to anyone trying to open a center and that this may seem to contradict our mission to get this technology out to as many people as possible.

This is to ensure we grow responsibly and allow other centers a fair opportunity to spread out across the USA and Canada (as well any other applicable regions around the world) to provide this healing technology to more individuals and not just a select population living in a specific area.

As “coming soon” centers begin to open and we better understand the demand and traffic volumes in a given area, this will allow us to better reassess the need for more centers and open up applications once again.

Keep checking back to the application page as we will update as required – don’t worry, in majority of cases, any caps on applications will normally be temporary.

Will I receive lifetime support from UNIFYD Healing when it comes to promoting my business?

Yes! Our managers will ensure you always receive guidance when it comes to promotion of your business. We want to see every one of our centers succeed, and we will provide ongoing support to ensure you do!

If I already have a center, can I still join the UNIFYD Healing Network?

Absolutely! Your center and its name is all yours. By joining the UNIFYD Healing network, you will simply be featured and promoted as a part of our network to drive traffic to your center and to help individuals in your area who could benefit from this technology find your location.

What happens if I want to cancel my contract before the 2-years is up?

Should you wish to cancel your branding contract before the 2 year contract has been fulfilled, we will impose a 70% fee per month remaining in the contract to be paid in full upon cancellation. The only exception to this term would be if you had to close your center for any reason and are no longer operating. In that case, we would cease all payments upon notice of the center closure.

Will my contract auto-renew after 2 years?

At least 30 days before your contract ends, we will reach out and ask if you’d like to continue your contract with UNIFYD Healing. We will not automatically renew your contract without written permission.

Do I have to charge $60USD/ hour?

With the exception of locations in cities that have a very high cost of living and rent, the maximum that affiliated centers can charge is $60USD/hour. You can certainly charge less than that, but we cap it at $60USD/hour (unless you are in a location that is within an “exception zone”. We do this to ensure that these services remain affordable for all.

Can I receive a discount if I pay the full 2-year contract up front?

Yes! We provide discounted rates for those who pay the 2-year term up front. We can discuss these options once you apply to join the UNIFYD Healing Network.

What other ways can I promote my center?

With your UNIFYD Healing Network and Marketing fee, we will provide guidance when it comes to promotion of your unique center – including a select number of branded graphics to use, a personalized “UNIFYD Healing Affiliated Center” poster to hang in your center to show visitors you’re on the UNIFYD Healing Network, and ongoing support for the lifetime of your contract.


Can I receive a discount on sessions with a UNIFYD TV membership?

Yes! By showing a center you are a member of UNIFYD TV with your email receipt, you will save 10% off your session or package. Here is an example of the proof of membership required to show centers at the time of appointment – check your junk folder if you can’t find it in your emails inbox

What if a UNIFYD Healing Center denies my proof of UNIFYD TV membership?

If you experience a UNIFYD Healing Center denying your proof of UNIFYD TV membership, and as a result, refuse to provide 10% off your session, please contact

Does my proof of UNIFYD TV membership provide me 10% off on ALL services provided at a UNIFYD Healing Center?

No. Although a center may provide other services such a acupuncture, reiki, meditations, or other holistic practices, the 10% off discount ONLY applies to EE-System sessions.

Why does a UNIFYD Healing Center charge greater than $60/hr for overnight sessions?

Since there are added costs involved in overnight/sleep options such as overnight staffing of the center, cleaning of sheets, etc., the $60/hr price restriction does not apply to these sessions. However, you can still receive 10% off your overnight sessions with proof of a UNIFYD TV membership.